Five Englishmen in an Audi Quattro arrive at the Italian border.

The Italian Customs agent stops them and tells them: "Itsa illegal to putta fiva people in a Quattro."

"What do you mean it's illegal?" asked an Englishmen.

"Quattro meansa four," replies the Italian official.

"Quattro is just the name of the automobile," the Englishmen retorted disbelievingly. "Look at the papers, this car is designed to carry 5 persons."

"You can'ta pulla thata one ona me," replies the Italian custom agent. "Quattro meansa four you hava fiva people ina you car anda you are therefore breakin'a the law".

The Englishmen replies angrily, "You idiot! Call your supervisor over, I want to speak to someone with more intelligence!"

"Sorry," responds the Italian official, "He can'ta come. He'sa busy witha two guysa in a Uno."